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Sanding equipment

 Below you will find information regarding the primary sanding machines Greenewood Flooring use. We also use other machines such as random orbit sanding machines and corner sanders to help us achieve a high quality finish to your flooring. If you require any further information please contact us. You could also take a look at the pictures regarding the sanding and renovation that we have carried out in our gallery

Lagler Hummel floor sander

Lagler Hummel belt sander



The Hummel sanding machine is an endless belt floor sanding machine. The belts used on the Hummel are 200mm wide. Its ideal for finishing both large and small areas. The hummels best use is for the sanding down off old floor varnishes and waxes e.t.c and sanding a uneven surface to a flat finish. The endless belt on the Hummel eradicates the ripple or chatter effect that drum sanders with jointed sandpaper tend to leave.






Lagler Unico edge sander

Lagler Unico edge sander



The Unico sanding machine is a heavy duty edge sanding machine. It is a disc sander with a disc diameter of 178mm. Its uses are to sand to the edge of the floor where our other sanders cannot reach.







Lagler Trio sanding machine

Lagler Trio finishing machine


The Trio sanding machine is a three-disc rotary sanding machine. Each of the three discs are 200mm in diameter and give a 460mm sanding area with each pass. The three discs all spin independently and are fixed to a base that spins all the discs as one. This creates a totally random sanding pattern which totally eradicates cross grain marks within a floor.
The Trio is the first machine world-wide that has integrated, senor-monitored dust suction, dust free disposal. The Trio collects 93% of the dust created during the sanding process and greatly reduces environmental dust created by most other floor sanding machines.
The Trio is ideal for finishing and achieving a superior floor finish. It is especially suitable for flooring where the grain runs in different directions such as herringbone, parquet or moisac flooring.
The Trio can also be used to buff the flooring between coats of varnish and to clean, wax and polish floor surfaces.