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Hardwax Oil


Over recent years the emergence of hardwax oil has changed the way many people view oiled finishes. In the past with traditional oiled floors, there was a high amount of maintenance required to maintain the floors appearance and durability of the finish. The introduction of the hardwax oil has helped reduce the amount of maintenance as well as achieving a more durable finish. Although this does not mean that the finish has as durable a surface as most lacquers offer. 

The benefit of using a hardwax oil is that localised repairs can be carried out to damaged flooring and refinished without the need to resand and finish the whole area.

Below are some of the hardwax oils that Greenewood Flooring use. 



Osmo Polyox Hardwax Oil

Osmo Polyox

Osmo Polyx Oil is a clear wood coating for floors, and also suitable for all interior woodwork, available in satin-matt and matt finish. Osmo Polyx Oil is the Original Hardwax Oil. An impeccable, durable finish for all wood and cork floors, furniture and counter tops

  • Extremely wear resistant
  • Produces a satin-matt resistant finish based on natural vegetable oils and waxes
  • penetrates deeply into solid, parquet or veneered woods, osb or cork to enhance and maintain beauty and elasticity
  • Is microporous allowing the flooring to breathe

Polyx Oil colour foundation

Polyx Oil colour foundation

Osmo colour hardwax oil foundation is a professional, coloured transapant, satin-matt foundation for all wooden floors. It is available in four different colours , which are light oak, medium oak, dark oak and white.

Polyx oil-colour foundation is ideal for properties demanding the contemporary look of bleached white boards or the traditional ambience that dark flooring provides.



Treatex Hardwax Oil

Treatex Hardwax oil


Treatex® Hardwax Oil Traditional preserves and enhances the appearance of all types of internal wood such as flooring, worktops, stairs, furniture, and internal joinery. Treatex® Hardwax Oil Traditional is manufactured on a base of natural sustainable raw materials including: linseed oil, sunflower oil, jojoba oil, beeswax, carnauba wax and candelilla wax. Available in clear matt, satin, gloss and in a range of colours.