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Floor Maintinance


With any wooden flooring comes some degree of maintinance whether the flooring has been finished with a lacquer or a hardwax oil the following are essential to keep your floor looking good.

It is very important to keep your floor clean - the result of people walking on a dirty and dusty floor is no different to a high-powered sander at work! Use a soft brush or vacuum cleaner with a soft floor attachment to keep your floor free from abrasive particles. A good doormat will help. To protect your floor we recommend all furniture be fitted with felt pads.



Maintenance of Bona lacquered floors


Bona reccomend the next 3 easy steps to maintain floors finished with there lacquers

1. Vacuum
Vacuum, dry mop or sweep to remove any loose dirt or grit. The best method of removing dirt and grit is vacuuming with a soft brush attachment on your vacuum. If using the Bona Microfiber mop to dry mop, remove any loose dirt or grit after dry-mopping by rinsing with water and wringing out the mop pad prior to cleaning floor with Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner.

2. Spray
Lightly mist a 4' x 6' area of your floor or directly mist the cleaning pad with Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner.

3. CleanUsing a slightly dampened, well wrung-out Bona Microfiber cleaning pad, thoroughly clean the floor surface using your Bona Microfiber mop. Finish one area before moving on to the next. When your mop pad becomes soiled, rinse with water, thoroughly wring out the pad and continue cleaning with Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner. When the mop pad becomes excessively soiled, launder and replace with another clean mop pad. Continued use of excessively soiled pads may cause streaking.

Your Bona Microfiber cleaning pads are reusable and washable. Do not use any fabric softeners, dryer sheets or bleach on your Microfiber cleaning pad as these products will diminish the natural cleaning characteristics of the microfiber.

When a spill occurs, soak up the liquid right away. Mist the area with cleaner, and wipe with your Bona Microfiber mop or a Microfiber Floor Cloth.

Please contact us if you require any of the maintenance products to carry out the steps above.





maintenence of junkers lacquered floors


Cleaning and Maintenance
Vacuum and/or sweep the floor to remove surface dust and grit. Occasionally, clean the
floor with a mild solution of Junckers SYLVA CLEANER. Use a well wrung out cloth, a hand
held sprayer or mop kit in combination with a rotary polishing machine mounted with a soft
pad or a Rotowash machine.
Floors that have been newly lacquered should not be cleaned for 3 days after lacquering.
Always use as little water as possible for cleaning. Use well wrung out cloths or mops and
remove excess water immediately. Wipe up any spillage of water as soon as possible to
prevent the wood becoming damaged.

Periodic Maintenance
Clean the floor using Junckers SYLVA Cleaner. Apply a thin coat of diluted Junckers
SYLVApolish on the clean surface. Use approx. 0.1 liters Junckers SYLVApolish to 10 liters
of water and a well wrung out cloth. In high-traffic areas apply undiluted Junckers
SYLVApolish for extra protection.
Intervals between treatments depend on the degree of traffic.

Long Term Maintenance
Remove old grease, dirt, and polish with Junckers SYLVAstrip. Add approx. 0.2 litres
Junckers SYLVAstrip to 10 litres 25°C warm water. Use a well wrung out cloth. Repeat the
procedure if necessary. Before treatment with Junckers SYLVApolish, wipe the floor using
clean water and a well wrung out cloth.
Floors maintained with Junckers SYLVApolish should not be buffed.
To preserve a hardwearing surface, clean the floor with Junckers SYLVAstrip, sand it and
relacquer the dust-free surface. Sanding and cleaning are crucial to achieving optimum




maintenence of osmo hardwax oiled floor


With the right care and attention, timber coated with an OSMO product will keep its natural beauty and
elasticity for decades. If wooden and cork surfaces are treated with OSMO products, they are
automatically water and dirt resistant. For easy maintenance, OSMO have an "Opti-Set" which is a 4
piece cleaning set for maintaining floors finished with OSMO products, or any floor which has been oiled or waxed. For everyday cleaning, the Opti-Set dust mop, or a broom or vacuum cleaner is all that is needed.
To remove stains, the floor can be mopped using the Opti-Set floor mop, or any well wrung damp floor
mop. We recommend using a plant based liquid soap diluted in water. A plant based soap will help to
feed the floor, whereas a chemical based soap may strip the finish over time. An ideal product to use
is OSMO's Wash and Care, which is available in 1 and 5 litre containers. Stubborn stains can easily be removed using OSMO Liquid Wax Cleaner, which is available in a 1 litre can. It is designed to be used neat. Just apply direct to the stain using a cloth, scotchbrite pad or fine
steel wool.
If the floor starts to look a bit lifeless in some areas, it can be revitalized with OSMO's Liquid Wax
Cleaner. This includes areas around doorways, passageways and other high foot traffic areas. Apply
direct to the floor and buff using the Opti-Set active fibre mop, or a soft cloth. For large areas, a floor
polishing machine with a lambswool pad is recommended.
For badly worn areas, the floor should be given a new treatment of Polyx Oil. The floor should be
cleaned and left to dry overnight, before applying a thin coat. Follow instructions on the application
guide if necessary. Allow to dry overnight. If a specific area is being treated, rather than the whole
floor, it may be prudent to polish the floor after re-oiling, with Liquid Wax Cleaner to obtain an even
sheen level.



maintenence of Treatex finished flooring


When your floor gets dirty wash using Treatex® Floor Care, which is designed to clean and maintain floors finished with Treatex® Hardwax Oil Traditional without making the surface slippery. Treatex® Floor Care contains vegetable oils and carnauba wax, this means that as the floor is cleaned a thin replenishing and protective layer of wax is also applied. Treatex® Floor Care has a neutral PH value and contains no solvents, other brands of cleaning products may contain detergents that could damage your floor. For normal soiling dilute 25-50 ml of Treatex® Floor Care in 5 litres of water. Mop the surface with this solution ensuring that the mop is only damp and never wet. Treatex® Floor Care can be applied using a mop or slow buffing machine with a white pad. Treatex® Floor Care is now available in a convenient ready to use spray.